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Hm. Experimenting with these Tag thingies, seeing if the cross-referencing is easy and worth it. I know there've been posts in the past I've tried to locate, and it's kind of a pain to weed through the archive. Maybe tags are the answer. So, tossing all the tags onto this entry so I can play a bit. Don't mind them. They don't tag back.

Hm. Maybe I should throw in private "migraine" entries, let me track when and how often I get them. Hm.

Edit: hm. if there's too many entries on a tag for one internet page, you don't get any "previous" or "next" buttons to access the rest of the entries. That's not good.
RM - Greetings

How to be smarter than your animals

From about 6:30 am on, my bed becomes the cats's playground. They hear me start to stir and they come running from wherever they've been sleeping. Then they bat at each other over the immovable object in the middle of the bed. If I move a leg - it gets pounced on, etc. This activity wakes the dogs up, and then the whole gang starts bugging me to get up and feed them. This is NOT GOOD, as I am a sleep-acholic and I NEED that last hour of sleep in the morning or I get super-cranky.

So, I've found a way to thwart them. It all has to do with making them believe I'm still asleep. And how do you do that? It's all in the breathing. I'm not kidding! They listen and know when it's awake breathing vs. sleeping breathing. I've tried sleep breathing the last two mornings and it's worked like a charm both days. They come up when I start to stir, then they pause and I can feel them standing on the bed, watching me, thinking, hm, must have been a false alarm, then they settle down and wait... and I fall back asleep for real and life is good. I even tried staying awake awhile, let them get playing, then "fell asleep" and within a few minutes they stopped playing and settled down again to wait for me to wake up again. Weird, but true!

And how do you fake sleeping with your breathing? Easy... if you watch anybody sleeping, it's all about the quick regular exhale. You can hear it. No one exhales that way when they're awake. Awake it's even timing, in and out. Sleeping, it's slow in, fast out. So you just mimic. And, as a side benefit... it's like some cool meditation technique... having to focus solely on breathing relaxes me and usually I fall asleep right away anyway.
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