Lanyn (lanyn) wrote,


Hm. Experimenting with these Tag thingies, seeing if the cross-referencing is easy and worth it. I know there've been posts in the past I've tried to locate, and it's kind of a pain to weed through the archive. Maybe tags are the answer. So, tossing all the tags onto this entry so I can play a bit. Don't mind them. They don't tag back.

Hm. Maybe I should throw in private "migraine" entries, let me track when and how often I get them. Hm.

Edit: hm. if there's too many entries on a tag for one internet page, you don't get any "previous" or "next" buttons to access the rest of the entries. That's not good.
Tags: cats, combat!, dogs, fencing, opera, rots, vic, writing

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