Lanyn (lanyn) wrote,

"That's far enough."

Watched the 1960 movie Cimarron tonight, tivo'd off TCM. For Vic Morrow, of course. Another Glenn Ford movie, but a rather boring one with a few good moments. Nice thing about tivo.... that easy three-speed, fast-forward button. VM had all of four scenes, of which, as usual, he steals right out from everybody else (and I dig that purple shirt!). So, in the last three movies I've caught, he's graduated from high school punk, to street hoodlum, to western outlaw. He's getting meaner, too... shoots his partner when his partner tries to stop him. Needless-to-say, Glenn Ford then takes him out. Again. Good thing this is the last movie with the two of them together.

Movie started with the Oklahoma Land Rush.... that is an absolutely insane moment in history. Insane. I'd love a time machine to go back and watch that from a safe distance, see what the reality of it was really like.

Sore throat turning rapidly into a cold. Sigh. Must go sleep now.
Tags: vic

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