Lanyn (lanyn) wrote,

But it was worth it

I can't count the number of times I said "shit" today every time I tried to move my right leg, particularly after sitting still for any length of time. If there's a permutation in volume or inflection, I've tried it out. I even tried it with various accents. Hasn't helped. And the leg's more sore this evening than when I started this day out. Falling out of shape sucks.

Tivo'd Blackboard Jungle off TCM. Been a long time since I've seen it. Not a big Glenn Ford fan, but I always liked him in this film. Course, I was watching it for Vic Morrow this time around. I remembered his character being a nasty sneering little punk whose ass I couldn't wait to see get kicked and, well, yep, I remembered right. I still love how high schoolers in movies are always played by people in their twenties.
Tags: vic

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