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Small World

Fenced for a couple hours today. First time in SIX months. It was great. Fortunately neither Steve nor Tom had practiced either, so it took awhile for all of us to get in the swing of things. And I still kicked butt in saber. Hah!

We're using the dance room at a gym in Angel's Camp... Angel's Camp is a tiny little place. A historic hole-in-the-wall. And while we're fencing, this old guy walks in to watch us. Steve asks if he fences, and the guy sort of nods casually. Well, not only does he fence.... this guy is the nephew of the Hungarian 1956 gold medalist in saber, Rudolf Karpati. He's been fencing since he was six years old. He was junior champion in foil in Hungary, I believe he said, before he came to the States, and was going on to become an Olympic contender himself. And we run into this guy in a gym in Angel's Camp on a Sunday morning?? He hasn't fenced in over 20 years he said, but he's going to look into getting some equipment and joining us. He may not have fenced in 20 years, but he jogs five miles a day and is lean and mean. You want to talk about getting our asses kicked? This guy will take us apart in little pieces, even Steve. Hopefully, he'll then teach us how to do it. Woo-hoo!

Two weeks until we get together again. You'd better bet I'll be practicing between now and then.
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