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Got my Tunguska story nearly wrapped up! Finally. Took Tempest's advice and just forced myself into NaNoWriMo mode and just sat down and did it. Quite pleased with the results. One more Sha'daa' story to edit before April 15th and then I can get back to novel. Yeah!! I'm itching to work on the novel. The desire to work on it seems to grow in proportion to the obstacles preventing me from getting to it.

And my "Orphan" story is getting blushingly good reviews on the WNRC message board. Didn't expect that. Very cool.

Can't wait for work to end so I can get back to editing. Just a final read-through left and the normal tightening of sloppy language.

And I'm fencing on Sunday! All right! Too bad I've been so lazy with my footwork these past months. I'm going to be like a slug with a pointy stick. And it means I'll also be sore come Monday. Ah well, fencing is worth it.
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