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When one is writing a sort of a Western, one should NEVER EVER watch a period, romantic, swashbuckling adventure film, particularly when it turns out to be quite good and stars Oliver Reed. (Crossed Swords) My fault for not checking what was up next in my Netflix queue. But now Wyatt and Bat and the Old West are just vague twinkles I have to regain. Just when I had the voice down that I wanted to use in the story, I go and ruin the whole thing. Sigh. Too bad I'm not writing Traitor today. This is a great mood to launch into novel. But there's no deadline on the novel and there's a deadline on the short story.

And of course, this being Sunday and no mail service, I can't ditch the DVD into the mailbox to remove temptation. I suspect that I will lose the battle and rewatch large sections of it before the day is over.

Yesterday's Met opera was Rigoletto, one of my favorite Verdi operas. Unfortunately, it's an opera that requires a strong baritone, and the one singing was not. Adequate, yes, would have been fine as Germont, but he could not carry the role of Rigoletto. The tenor was actually pretty good (I need to go look up his name), the soprano reminded me too much of Beverly Sills. My sister and I had an interesting conversation about how interesting it is that Rigoletto has a ton of tenor arias (famous ones to boot), and yet whether the tenor is good or bad is rather irrelevant to how good a production the opera is.

I was supposed to go see Tosca in the revival theater today, but my parents decided not to come down to join us, and my sister has the first free day in forever (since my parents canceled) and she doesn't want to spend it away from her son (I don't blame her). I do so many things alone, but I'm just not up to driving an hour and a half one way to see it by myself. (Not to mention I don't actually have a car today, so I'd have to borrow hers. Mine is in the shop. Check engine light came on, so took it to the shop on Friday. Rear brakes were shot too, so they're fixing those and giving me an oil change too. But in the meantime, no wheels.) So, we're going to probably watch a DVD version of Don Giovanni, with Samuel Ramey, instead. Maybe it will help me clear "Crossed Swords" out of my head. Hah!
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