Lanyn (lanyn) wrote,

La! Wherein she goes off on opera yet again.

I'm posting only because it's midnight and if I've been up this long, what's another bit? I got so mad at my lack of free time, that I'm stealing some from my sleep. I'll regret this in the morning, I'm sure.

Arkiv Music had a Puccini collection I couldn't resist. Nine of his operas, all with Renata Tebaldi and either Carlo Bergonzi or Mario del Monaco. My sister and I bee-lined for the Tosca today, of course, as a new Tosca (new to us) is a Very Important Thing. And we discovered we both really liked Mario del Monaco. We actually had to call my parents and ask why they heck we hadn't heard him growing up. My dad explained it was because del Monaco was too heavy for him. My sister and I, having just listened to Tosca and arias from Manon Lescaut that were as lyrically sung as you could ask for just sort of looked at each other and shrugged. Not that it's surprising, as my dad's love of music always involves beauty, and my sister and I have a few other things we want in there as well, and where my dad basically only listens to Pavarotti, my sister prefers Carreras and I prefer Domingo, and we both will take Aragall as our second favorite over Pavarotti. There are many tenor disagreements in our family household, yes indeedy.

Then, we went off on youtube (originally to learn more about del Monaco -- and my, he's quite the handsome man, particularly older in life. Not Corelli hot-and-handsome, but distinguished and classy handsome), which is extremely dangerous, and we amused ourselves greatly and for waaaaay too long listening to all sorts of cool opera stuff. The best was the Cavaradossi Vittoria! sing-off (which I'm linking to here only so I can find it again and show my parents next time they're down for a visit) which proved we're not the only Tosca-crazies out there who create collections for comparison. Ahem. And we discovered in that clip an old-time tenor named Renato Cioni in the midst of all these great tenors, who couldn't possibly be a worse singer, but he exhibits such sheer, unbridled, outrageous enthusiasm in his rendition that his "Vittoria" now rates as one of our favorites. I absolutely shudder to think of what he'd do with an aria like E lucevan le stelle though.

In writerly musings, the POW novel takes up much daily thinking time. I think I'm on the track to breaking open the key to the second half. I've been ready to start writing, but I keep running out of time in a day.

Oh yeah, definitely been up too long now.

Oh, and since I got my gate fixed and Maxie can spend time outside without me worrying about him doing the great escape, he's decided to become a gopher hunter. I don't know whether to be amused or annoyed. Amused because it's hilarious to watch him trying to dig up the gopher. Annoyed because, hello! that once was a corner of my back lawn. Amused because the gopher promptly pushes dirt back into the holes he digs. Annoyed because that plus the dirt Max displaces can never seem to be put back in no matter how hard I work at it and despite the gopher's help.
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