April 1st, 2005

RM - Greetings

Timing is everything

Actually started and finished a new story last night. First one after a long dry spell. I do love flash fiction sometimes. Gives you that instant gratification of being able to complete something. And as usual, it always seems to take three things put together that inspire a story. Not sure why that is with me, but just about every story I write has three disparate pieces of random life that fall in place at just the right time. Very odd, and it happens over and over again. Three things/thoughts/events/whatever - bingo! Story.

And on timing... just watched the last episode of season one (Combat! of course, what else?), and got my notification from Amazon that season three has just been released and shipped. I'll have to make season three last, though.... season four won't be released until the end of May. And yes, of course, I've already pre-ordered it!

Went for a quick beginning jog this morning. The roads around here either go uphill or down. Flat ground doesn't exist. Jogging uphill when you haven't done it in ages is.... well, a good work out, I'm sure, though I had much more unflattering things to say about it while I was actually doing it.