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Completed first draft of current novel last night. Yay! The timing is perfect. I still have two weeks to get ready for nanowrimo this year and I can now do so freely, without dwelling on the previous book. I can't believe it's nearly November already.

Bummed - I was planning on taking Shadow to see "Serenity" this weekend...and it's gone already. Yanked from the theater. Bastards. Second bummer - this was supposed to be a rake-up-all-the-pine-needle and water-proof the deck weekend. Both have to be done before winter...and it started raining this morning. So much for the yard work plan. Shadow just laughed at me when I complained. "Didn't you read the weather report yesterday?" Do I ever? Yesterday was sunny, high 60s, and quite nice. Why would I think the next day would be in the 40s and wet? She patiently informed me that it's supposed to warm up again the middle of next week. Okey-dokey, Doctor Jonesey. There's plenty of indoor chores to do.
Tags: writing

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